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he send us sunrise in the morning. he listens 2 u when u talk. he could live anywhere in the world , yet he choses to live in your HEART. face it GOD is IN LOVE WITH U. good mornning!!!!!!!!!!

A Morning is a wonderful blessing, either Cloudy or Sunny. It stands for hope, giving us another start of what we call Life. Gud Morning & Have a nice day.

Ther are two eternities that can really break u down,Yesterday & Tomorrow... One is gone & other does not exist!!!So live today only....Good Morning....

Knock!!!Knock!!! May I come into ur world???i bring no flowers,No cakes,But wishes to keep U fresh,Prayer to keep u healthy,And love to keep u smiling...Good Morning

Morning Time-A cup of hot hello,A plate of crispy wishes,a spoon of sweet smiles & a slice of great success specially for u...Enjoy the day!!!Good morning!!!....

Sending 24 Smiles,
1 4 each EaCh HoUr oF a dAy
2 MaKe SuRe u R aLwAyZ sMilinng...
Good Morning and hAv a gReAt dAy....

No one can go back & make a new beginning,
but anyone can start from now and
make a happy ending!
Hope u"ll have a day that starts right and
ends Happy! Good Morning

I have a special BREAKFAST for you today,
A glass of CARE,
A plate of LOVE,
A spoon of PEACE,
A fork of TRUST and A bowl of PRAYER.

A Sweeter Smile,
A Brighter Day,
Hope everything turns out great for you Today!!!
Good Morning!
(> " " <) Have a
( = "o"= ) Nice
_(,,) _ (,,) Day!!

Ugta hua Suraj dua de aapko,
Khilta hua phool khushbu de aapko,
hum to kuch dene ke kabil nahi hai,
Allah hazaar khushiyan de aapko!
Good Morning!

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