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May ur heart b happy & ur days b bright. May ur roads b smooth & ur burdens light. May u find dreams & touch a star & never forget how...

Don"t tell a woman she"s pretty; tell her there"s no other woman like her, and all roads will open to you

May you rise each texting day with fully charged cell phone in your hand, inspiring message in your mind, me in your heart, and a clear signal all day long...

LIFE is 4 living, i live mine 4 U! LOVE is 4 giving, i give mine 2 U! DREAMS are 4 dreaming, mine are 4 U! HEARTS are 4 beating, & mine beats 4 U!

In life when u get troubles, don"t get nervous......just close ur eyes and follow ur HEART...... HEART may be in left..... but it always right! and loves u

love u i love u i love u i love u dont get excited i also love v,w,x,y,z

Boy: I"m not rich like Rahul, I don"t even have a big car like Rahul, but I really Luv U! Girl: I luv u too, but tell me more about Rahul.

It takes thousand workers 2 build a castle, Million soldiers 2 protect a country, but just One woman 2 make a Happy Home! Let"s Thank... KAAMWALI

wen a guy tellz u that he luvz u from the bottom of his heart b careful 4 this may mean dat.......!!!!!!........ he has enuf space 4 another girl on the top...

2 Lovers plan to suicide. Boy jumped first, Girl closed her eyes & return back saying love is blind. Boy in air opened his parachute saying love never dies

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