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A negative thinker see a difficulty in every opportunity,A positive thinker see an opportunity in every difficulty

the greatest right in the world is not right to be right but right to be wrong!mistakes are there to be corrected!by the way,it is not the end of the world

Pushing things to happen before their time is a futile and disturbing exercise.it is like trying to change the
flow of a river single-handed.

Life is made of small jumps over great obstacles. it"s in the courage of getting thru them that makes life, challenging & exciting.

Sometimes its dumb to be wise and sometimes its wise to be dumb. but more often than not, we are the
opposite of what it is wise to be.

There are many languages in the world but smile speaks them all. KEEP SMILING!!

The word Trust is d basis of all relatioas but a small mistake made, can change its entire meaning. Like just a
missing "T" can "RUST" d relation!

if you ever want to succeed in your life.
"Be sweet as honey, Be regular as clock, Be fresh as rose, Be soft as tissue, and Be strong as rock."

"smile is good cosmetics for beauty"

Do not feel ashamed if the amount of charity is small because to refuse the needy is an act of greater shame.

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