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im at the police station.The police caught me & filed a case against me "possession of good looks".i"m doomed! i need someone ugly 2 bail me out-so hurry up!

The Police are looking for a suspect who is smart, sexy, witty & very good looking... So where are you gonna to hide Me?

One out of four people is a chinese in this world. If your father, your mother and your brother are not Chinese, it must be you

chelthay rahoo chhelthay rahooo..
jub pohacnh jao to sms ker day na

aRz KiYa hAi !!
DiL nAy TuMhaiN yAaD kyAa AuR sOgAya
DiL NaY tUmHAiN yAaD kyAa AuR SoGaYA

hAm NaY tuM kO SmS KiYa AuR bALanCe
KahTam HoGaYA !!.

when i call u; 1 ring means I’m thinking of u;2 ring means i like u; 3 means i miss u; 4 means ........pick up phone idiot

Can I Have Ur Picture So I Can Show Santa What I Want For XMAS?

kehtain hain ke ISHQ main nind Urjati hai
Kehtian hain ke ISHQ main nind urjati hai

Koi Ham Say Bhee Ishq Karay
Koi Ham Say Bhee Ishq Karay

Kambakhat Nind Bohot Aati hai !

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