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I wish a wish for u.Its a wish I wish for few.The wish I wish for u is that all ur wishes come true so keep wishing as my best wishes are always with u. GOOD LUCK.

Happiness as light as air.
Friends as solid as diamonds and
success as bright as gold.
These r my wishes 4 u today n everyday...

Fly in the plane of Ambition & Land in the Airport of Success...Luck is yours,Wish is mine...May Ur future always shine...Good Luck

Care for the one who shares with u, share with the one who knows u, know the one who MISSES u, MISS the one who WELL WISHES for u, Wish u all the Best

The HOPE, The STRUGGLE and The HARD WORK towards a goal/ success is part of the rewards. Achieving goal itself is not the whole reward........ BEST WISHES

Every sunset gives us one day less to live! But every sunrise give us, one day more to hope! So, hope for the best. Good Day & Good Luck!

Good luck cutebaby........BY [NAME]

Always try 2 b a first place winner,coz d second place winner is d first loser.Good Luck said [NAME]

A fulfiling future belongs 2 those wit strong vision and resilence.It doesn"t matter where U might be now.Starting well n finishing strong is what counts. [NAME]

purpose- Ask ways how to live a day searching his purpose for you. GOD BLESS And VERY BEST OF LUCK!!![NAME]

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