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If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail.(By [NAME])

Genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it.Good Luck (By [NAME])

Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy U,
but to help U realise ur hidden potential and Power,
Let Difficulties know that U too are DIFFICULT((ALWAYZ THINK +IVE))By [NAME]

I wish a wish for u.Its a wish I wish for few.The wish I wish for u is that all ur wishes come true so keep wishing as my best wishes are always with u. By [NAME]

Trust your heart don"t be afraid to reach out to something new.Go ahead get yor hopes up even if things turns out differently than you have imagined.You will have tried,you will have learned,you never have to live with regrets.It seems to me what wears us down the most in life aren"t the chances we take but the ones we don"t take,the dreams we put aside,the adventure we push away.So what ever you want in life go for it an dalways remember no-matter what trust your heart.

examation is garden success is folower
god bless you power to pluck this folower By [NAME]

Meaning of some colors, Yellow for special friend, white for peace, orange 4 luck,black for hate, red for love and pink for likeness,So i choose for u Orange Flower.Wish u goodluck By [Name]

Trusting God won"t make the mountain smaller but it will make climbing easier. Hope you will be able to climb all your mountains always. Good Luck By [Name]

luck is yours wishes are mine let"s ur future be always shine.Best of Luck By [Name]

With my
1 Heart...
2 eyes...
5 litre blood...
206 bones...
1.2million Red Cells...
60 trillion D.N.A."s...
I wish u "All the very best of LUCK"...

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